PE high clear strength film( sheet film-hot shrink film)

Product:PE high clear strength film( sheet film-hot shrink film)Specification:0.025*770mm 0.07*533mm 0.07*587mm(customized as required)Material:PE high clear and strength

Product:PE high clear strength film( sheet film-hot shrink film)




(customized as required)

Material:PE high clear and strength(Three-layer coextrusion packaging film)

Thickness:20mic to 200mic(customized as required)

Color of film:Clear

Print:Gravure printing, accepted customized,1-10 colors

Packing way:Individually wrapped with  thick film / bubble film


1.Uniform thickness

 2. High shrinkage

3.Glossiness, high transparency and good decorative performance

4.Good flexibility, no embrittlement and aging at low temperature

5.Low density, which can effectively reduce the packaging cost

6.Outstanding heat sealing performance and high sealing strength

7.Good tear and puncture resistance

8.It can be used in semi-automatic, full-automatic high-speed packaging equipment and manual packaging

9.The product conforms to FDA and SGS standards. It is non-toxic and environmental friendly, and can be used in the packaging production of various products.

Usage/Apply for:Daily life 

Lead time:25 days after confirming order

MOQ:1 ton

Loading port:JiangMen/ShenZhen/GuangZhou

Payment terms:T/T, L/C

Certificates: BRC, ISO9001:2015, QS

Month Capacity:600tons

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